On average, salespeople spend 66% of their time NOT selling! 
So, what are they doing with their time? 
Most time is spent on admin (25%), doing research (13%), internal meetings and training (12%), planning, pipeline management, travel (10%), and downtime (6%)... 
Leaving only 34% for selling. 
Here are 3 ways we can help this expensive resource spend more time in front of potential clients. 
1- Reduce admin time with better CRM - Eliminate labourious data entry tasks, keep all prospect data in one location, and provide easy-to-access at-a-glance info. 
2- Cut unnecessary internal meetings to an absolute minimum. 
3 - Adopt a sales content strategy to align sales & marketing, provide quick access to relevant content and customer engagement tools, and create templates for regular use activities (e.g., email) 
What other tasks would you use to increase selling time/reduce non-selling time? 
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