The finance businesses I normally work with are typically dealing with one or more of the following challenges; 
➡️They’re not really clear on who their ideal prospects are. 
➡️They don’t know where to find and communicate with their ideal prospects. 
➡️They’re already working hard and don’t have time to develop insightful and valuable content. 
➡️There’s no dedicated person in-house who has responsibility for making this happen. 
➡️They don’t have the budget. 
➡️They don’t have a written content marketing plan. 
➡️They’re not clear on who to target with what, how and when. 
As a result, most of them produce bland, generic and inward-focused content that looks the same as everyone else’s. 
I see things differently. 
If you keep doing what you’re doing…you’ll just keep getting what you’re already getting? 
I believe that having an outward-focused content marketing strategy is the way to build a brand and audience that generates leads and sales conversations. 
With 25-plus years of experience creating campaigns and content for small and large financial services businesses, I created a framework that allows you to consistently create targeted thought-provoking content that provides value to those businesses you know you can help and want to work with… YOUR IDEAL PROSPECTS. 
Book a free call to learn more about our proven content marketing framework that's helping financial services companies LIKE YOU get MORE leads, MORE sales conversations, and MORE they can make BIGGER profits. 
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