There are thousands of ways to create content that engages your target audience. Content that convinces them to use your products or services. 
Here’s a simple structure that guarantees you’ll create content that's always valuable for your target audience. 
1. Uncover their big expensive problem.  
Don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on the one big expensive problem for your target audience. The problem that keeps them awake at night... That causes them daily stress... The one they’ve tried to fix themselves but can’t no matter what they do... The one that so far no one else has been able to solve for them. 
2. Position what you offer as the best solution to their big expensive problem.  
Show them how your product or service can solve their problem. Don’t talk about all the things you could do for them. Only talk about those aspects of your service that relate to solving their big problem. 
3. Show them the transformation.  
Vividly show them the transformation they'll get once they’ve bought your product or used your service. That's the difference between OK and great content. 
Using this structure will help you produce social media, video, blog posts, email, etc., that speaks directly to your target audience… 
And you’ll be doing more than most of your competitors. 
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