This is the kind of question you get asked at networking events... 
Or on exhibition stands. 
Seems innocent enough. 
But beware! 
This simple question can be a huge trap! 
Because sometimes the “so, what are you offering” question isn’t about what you sell or what you do. 
It’s about the value you deliver… 
Specifically to the person asking the question. 
So how to answer this? 
Well, I’d suggest not being a smartass and saying something like; “I offer peace of mind”... Or something equally corny. 
To properly answer this question you need to have a very clear understanding of your target audience; their main challenges, biggest pains, the one thing they want to achieve... 
You also need to know how your product or service can overcome their challenges, ease their pains, or get them their one thing. 
Doing those two things will give you half a chance of effectively answering that question. 
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