It’s been a strange start to the year. 
While we’re still dealing with a global pandemic there’s also the aftermath of our new non-EU status, a further national lockdown, and a possible global downturn. 
If anything, 2021 looks more challenging than 2020! 
Despite these new challenges, the same business issues that focused our minds in previous years still apply today; the need for more clients and more revenue. 
It’s the circle of (business) life! 
While some businesses will just be thinking of survival right now, and others will be looking for growth… 
Almost all will be thinking; “how do we get more clients and more revenue into our business?” 
It’s a good question, but not necessarily the right one. 
After all, no one really wants clients that can barely pass your mirror test? Clients that although ‘breathing’ would be completely wrong for your business. 
Sure, you might get some short-term gains - a boost in client numbers, or some quick extra revenue - but at the expense of longer-term pain. 
It sounds counterintuitive, but now is the ideal time to focus more time and energy on getting better clients into your business… 
Not just better clients...but your best clients. 
Clients that understand the value you bring to their business... 
Clients that are easier and less stressful to work with, pay on time, don’t harass your people…etc, etc (insert whatever constitutes a ‘best client’ for you here). 
Look, business is hard enough as it is...and is likely to get harder this year. The last thing you need to be doing is adding further hardship with clients that just aren’t right for your business. 
But make no mistake, committing to only work with your best clients is a mindset shift that requires you to do a couple of things. 
Identify who your best clients are 
Find new prospects that look like your best clients 
Identify who your best clients are 
To identify who your best clients are, you need to know the key characteristics that make them your best clients. 
So what are these characteristics? 
Well, unfortunately, these will be different for every business. 
Maybe it’s the client who pays on time and without any fuss? Or the client who provides the best return on investment? Causes the least number of issues for your people? Operates in a sector or industry you like working in or your product/service is better suited to? 
It could be some, all, or none of the above. 
You just need to know what they are. There are usually no more than half-a-dozen key characteristics that make up your best clients. 
You just need to be ruthlessly honest with yourself on what these are. 
Find new prospects that look like your best clients 
Once you’ve nailed down what your best clients look like, you can use this as a template to seek out new clients that share the same key characteristics... 
Which will allow you to focus your marketing, communications, and sales efforts on finding those prospects that would be a great fit for your business. 
Notice I didn’t say ‘a perfect fit for your business’...although I do believe you can get pretty close. 
Ultimately, this approach does require much more effort up front, but it will save you time, energy, resources, and money in the long run. 
Once you crack this you’ll be able to focus all your sales and marketing on growing your business with clients that are a much better fit for your business. 
This may be a new year, but it looks like it’s going to be just as challenging, if not more so, than the last. 
Now is the time to look at your business and put solid foundations in place. 
If you commit to growing your business with better clients you’ll have a business that won’t just survive, but thrive. 
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