You have a great product that everyone could enjoy. So you want everyone to hear about it... 
The more people you share this with the more clients you’ll get and the more profit you’ll make. 
While that may sound logical, it’s actually the worst strategy for growing your business. 
Here’s why. 
In trying to appeal to everyone, you’ll reach no one 
You see, back in the day, you had a tribe that protected you. Anyone not in your tribe was viewed with suspicion. As an enemy. 
Not much has changed in the modern world. Our ‘chimp’ brain still compels us to seek out groups that believe what do or like what we like. Our tribe. 
You can't create content that appeals to every tribe. 
Instead, focus on producing content aimed at appealing to a particular tribe (audience). 
You’ll waste time, resources & money 
Trying to appeal to everyone means wasting time, money, and resources marketing to people that will never become clients. 
Creating content that appeals to Citroen 2CV Sahara 4x4 AZ 44 - 1961 enthusiasts is a lot less expensive than creating content to appeal to all French car enthusiasts. 
Don’t waste time and money chasing ‘prospects’ who aren’t interested in what you have to offer. 
You’ll appear indecisive 
No one wants their content to appear indecisive... 
But that’s exactly how you’ll look if what you produce isn’t targeted. 
People want to know what you do, who you do it for, and why they should buy from you. 
We live in a world of data. 
Pretty much everything can be analyzed, measured, and segmented. 
The skilled marketer knows how to use data to inform their content marketing. 
Data tells you who’s interested in what you do and what parts of what you do they’re interested in. 
You’re not amazon. So stop trying to sell to everyone. Even Amazon started out only selling books. If you wanted a toaster from Amazon in 1994 you couldn’t get one... But you could buy a book on toasters. 
My point is, even Amazon started life targeting a small group that had a particular need. 
So, focus on a specific tribe, target your content, and watch your business grow. 
Rule 8 Consulting helps B2B companies generate profit and growth by consistently delivering targeted, valuable, and irresistible content that gets them more customers, at less cost, with less work. 
To find out more about our programmes and how we work with clients, contact me on 07488 279952 or at 
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