Does that sound too selfish? 
It’s probably not something you’d normally say out loud... 
But it’s the question most businesses ask themselves when presented with your products and services. 
What benefit do I get? 
How does this solve my problem? 
How will this help me achieve my goals? 
They’re all variations of the ‘what’s in it for me’ question. 
It’s the fundamental question you need to answer for your target audience in your content. 
Whether you’re talking about that new customer you’ve taken on... The deal you’ve closed... How great your products or services are... Or the award you’ve won. 
Your target audience needs to know what benefit they’ll get from that. 
How can your new customer, deal, award, etc., help my business make more money, grow, or position itself as the best choice for prospective customers? 
That should be your focus. 
New customers, deals, and awards provide the evidence... 
Not the main point of your content. 
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