Sometimes marketers overcomplicate things. That’s a shock I know. 
Analytics, metrics, data segmentation… 
They’re useful tools that can make your marketing better. 
But you don’t need them to start creating good content. 
Content marketing is not about Google Ads, social media posts, blogging, PR, advertising, and so on. Those are just different ways of reaching your audience. 
So pick one. If it doesn’t work after a few weeks...pick a different one! 
The most important thing to remember about content marketing is that nobody wants to hear about you. 
They want to know how you can help them get from where they are now to where they want to be. 
To start producing good content you only need to answer 3 questions: 
1. How will you solve my problem/get me to where I want to be? 
2. How can I trust you? 
3. What will it cost me (time, money, effort)? 
Start by finding people that have a problem you can solve and answer these questions in your content and marketing. 
Over time, you’ll get better at answering those questions... 
And at some point, you’ll start to measure progress, analyse results, and segment your data… 
But you don’t need any of that to get started. 
Rule 8 Consulting helps B2B companies generate profit and growth by consistently delivering targeted, valuable, and irresistible content that gets them more customers, at less cost, with less work. 
To find out more about our programmes and how we work with clients, contact me on 07488 279952 or at 
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