If you have clients you may already know: 
Your target market(s) and what an ideal client looks like for you 
Who your main competitors are and the similarities in what you offer 
The strengths and weaknesses of your own products or services 
And knowing all that, you probably produce marketing that tells people who you are, what you do, and why you’re better than those others. 
Yet despite all that, you’re still not getting the clients, growth, and profit you should... 
Because the World’s a noisy place! 
Every day we watch over 1 billion hours of video on YouTube, send and receive 320 billion emails, and face thousands of marketing messages… 
Not to mention all the articles, blog posts, social media, and old-fashioned snail mail we get. 
As consumers, we’re overwhelmed with information, marketing, and messages... 
And if you’re a company trying to cut through this noise and stand out from the crowd and your competition, producing more of the same content as everyone else ain’t a winning strategy. 
You need to be doing something different… Something better! 
You need to be creating purposeful content. 
That is content created for a specific audience to address their particular needs. 
Content designed to engage your audience, develop your brand, generate leads, or drive your sales efforts. 
It’s not random or scattergun, but planned, strategic, and intentional… 
And in a world of bland, boring, me, me, me content, it’s the only thing that will get you noticed by the right people. 
Your business doesn’t have a lead generation problem. It has a content problem. 
Rule 8 Consulting helps B2B companies generate profit and growth by consistently delivering targeted, valuable, and irresistible content that gets them more customers, at less cost, with less work. 
To find out more about our programmes and how we work with clients, contact me on 07488 279952 or at richard@rule8consulting.com 
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