Here’s part 2 of my list of how to create quality content quickly. 
Let's get into it... 
Narrate then write 
Today’s smartphone technology makes it easy and super quick to narrate content. Especially if you’re on the go or away from your desk. 
Let someone else do it 
Let’s face it, you and your team are busy. So why not set down a few key bullet points and get someone else to do the leg-work of pulling it all together? Just be sure they understand your business, sector, and the needs of your target audience. 
Think about environment and time 
Some people are better at creating content in the morning. Some late afternoon or evening. Some like to be locked away in a quiet room others love noisy coffee shops. Find whatever works for you. 
Set a timer 
You don’t need a fancy Pomodoro timer. Your smartphone will do. Get rid of all distractions, set the timer, and focus on content creation until it goes off. You’ll be surprised how much you can get done in 30-45 minutes. 
Write intros last 
One of those great pieces of advice I use every day and a great way to banish the ‘blank page of doom’. Just jump in and start writing. Once you’ve created something representing you main ideas its much easier to go back and figure out how to introduce those ideas and thoughts. 
Write like you speak 
Harder to do than you might think. In school and business, we’ve been ‘trained’ to write using proper sentences and grammar. So we edit our work because it doesn’t look proper. But to create real engagement you need to sound like a real person… Not some weird human-finance hybrid. 
Walk away after each draft 
Taking a break after each draft or edit is, counterintuitively, the best and fastest way to create quality content. A day or two between drafts and edits is ideal. But any time away allows your mind to make new connections and insights that will improve your final piece. 
Use tools: Grammarly, Hemingway app 
Grammarly is my go-to tool for spelling and grammar, as it’s available in almost every application I write or take notes in. For final edits, I drop work into the Hemingway App to check clarity and readability. 
Improve typing speed 
Some people swear by apps such as ‘key hero’. I’m still a 2- finger typist but could definitely benefit from being able to get my thoughts down faster. 
Stop trying to be perfect 
We’ve kinda covered this one. Perfection when first drafting is a speed killer. No one will get to see your shitty first draft anyway, so just get it out. 
Turn off socials and notifications 
This is a no brainer. Any distractions, pop-ups, phone calls, etc., will take you out of your content creation process. 
User-generated content 
Getting clients, users, and staff to create content can be quicker and better than doing it yourself. But they’ll need to know what you want, and when, well in advance. Clients and users have their own timetables, and you don’t want to spend the time you’ve saved chasing people for promised content. 
Carve up longer posts into shorter content 
Longer content pieces can become shorter social posts, quotes, stats, infographics, etc. Some content can be repurposed into 4 -14 different pieces when used across multiple platforms and formats. 
That’s it. 
Let me know what's worked for you. 
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