For most businesses, producing content isn’t an issue. 
The challenge is to consistently produce content that’s relevant and valuable to your target audience. 
A quick Google search for ‘how to consistently produce valuable content’ yielded over 12.6 billion results in 0.54 seconds
So there’s no shortage of content on how to produce valuable content. 
Anyway, to further add to this I thought I’d share a few methods you can use to provide valuable content to any audience. 
Starting with (and in no order of importance) a variant of the ‘hub and spoke’ model. Think hub of a wheel with spokes pointing out. 
The hub is your main broad topic, the spokes are supporting topics. 
For example, let’s say your hub topic is an ebook on small business finance. Your spoke content could be an infographic on Peer-2-Peer lending, a blog post on Asset Based Lending, a video on Venture get the picture. With all roads leading back to your small business finance ebook. 
It’s a simple and quick way to generate relevant and valuable content around a central broader topic. 
The skill is to know your audience well enough to uncover a hub topic that’s a big issue for them. 
The main benefits of this method are; 
You can produce many pieces of relevant content. Imagination is your only restriction. 
You create expertise and authority around a single topic 
It'll do wonders for SEO and keyword ranking 
You’ll generate more organic traffic and leads 
In a world of billions of pieces of content, value and relevance are your only chance of winning. 
This is a quick overview of the hub and spoke variant. There are others...but they're for another time. 
Try it for yourself today. 
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