According to Marketing Profs, companies with aligned sales and marketing practices generate 208% more revenue from marketing efforts. 
So, if you want to see better results it’s time to think about aligning your sales and marketing teams. 
Here’s how. 
1 - Share all data 
It doesn’t make any sense that either side can’t access all the available sales and marketing data. They’ll only use what’s useful to them anyway. 
2 - Unify your buyer personas  
Assuming you’ve created them! If not, it’s kinda pointless having different ideas about who your ideal customers are. 
3 - Define the buyer journey  
68% of B2B marketers haven’t documented their marketing-sales funnel. So how do you know where a prospect is in your process and what content they need? 
4 - Create content based on your funnel  
Bad news marketers. Most of the content you create goes unused. Because it’s not focused on the prospect's specific needs, and Sales won’t use it if it’s irrelevant. 
5 - Agree on what a lead is  
Sales teams ignore upward of 80% of leads generated by Marketing. That’s a lot of wasted time and effort for zero rewards. 
6 - Don’t say “the leads are c*@p”!  
Maybe they are. But Marketing needs to know why they don’t work for you so they can improve and produce better quality leads. 
7- Use relevant content in emails  
Sales are writing their own ‘campaign’ emails without consulting Marketing? But marketers are better at writing copy that attracts and engages prospects. So both sides should be working together to create ‘standardised’ campaign emails. 
8 - Recycle leads  
If the prospect isn’t yet ready to buy the lead should go back to Marketing for more nurturing. 95% of buyers end up choosing a solution based on the provider that gave them the right information at the right time. That’s marketing, not a sales job. 
When teams are aligned the benefits can be staggering. With companies reporting up to a 67% better deal closing rate. 
It’s not an easy process, but some of the actions I’ve provided here can be implemented almost immediately. 
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