You know there’s a whole bunch of things you could do to create good content... 
But oftentimes, a simple structure is all you need. 
These 3 things represent the simplest structure I know of for creating relevant and valuable content. 
1. Target someone specific 
There may be a few different types of businesses or people you can work with. 
Narrow your focus to one specific group. 
If you already target an industry sector, niche down to a sub-sector. If you target a group, find a sub-group. 
Your content may be useful to a wider group. But narrowing the audience allows you to create content that's more focused and less generic. 
2. Know their main pain/problem or goal 
Good content solves specific problems or helps to achieve particular goals. 
That’s what your audience truly values... 
And that should be the focus of most of the content you produce. 
Try a quick brainstorm session with your Sales and Client Management teams. In less than 30 minutes they’ll help you identify the top 2-3 reasons clients use your service. 
Your Client Management and Risk teams can also help you identify the real reasons clients leave you... 
Or, ask your best clients why they chose you? What problem you’re helping them overcome? What goal you’re helping them reach? 
3. Create content for 1 focused on 2 
Pick an audience. Pick a problem. Produce content that shows how you solve their problem. Repeat. 
Sounds simple. 
Unfortunately, your audience sees thousands of pieces of content per day. 
To stand out you need to think about what you can say about their problems and goals that others can't or haven’t. 
Do you have a unique point of view? Or a personal experience that could be valuable or tells a different story? 
There’s no guarantee of success 
Doing the above won’t guarantee that you produce great content. Or get a flood of new clients. 
But it will get you to target a specific audience and focus on their needs… 
Which will show them that you understand them. 
Over time, they’ll get to know, like, and trust you... 
And when they need the product or service you provide, you’ll be the first person they come to. 
Rule 8 Consulting helps B2B companies generate profit and growth by consistently delivering targeted, valuable, and irresistible content that gets them more customers, at less cost, with less work. 
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