What we do 

Rule 8 Consulting is a marketing business whose primary metric is growth. We think about growth a lot. Specifically, how we can use the countless marketing tools, initiatives and interventions available to grow a business. It’s why we like working with companies that have the same drive for growth. 
We use our growth-focused marketing methodology to help our clients achieve their business growth ambitions. 
In short - we use marketing to help business grow. 

How we do it The five building blocks of our growth-focused marketing solution are designed to grow the front-end of any B2B company. 

Identifying your Ideal Client 
Understanding who you want and like to work with. 
Vision & Value Proposition 
Why they should choose to work with you rather than a competitor? 
Engage & Convert 
Know where your ideal clients ‘live’, how to engage and convert them. 
Maximising Client Value 
Getting the most out of the relationship by providing maximum value to your clients. 
Automate & Systemise 
Automation to make ongoing growth-focused marketing activities as painless as possible 
Having these building blocks in place and working well will have an immediate and significant impact on the front-end growth of any B2B company. 

Why we do it 

Growth-focused marketing developed from my experience of over 25 years working in corporate environments that produced brilliant, award-winning marketing and advertising campaigns that didn’t make a blind bit of difference to the growth of the business! 
In setting up Rule 8 Consulting I realized that to maximise growth, companies need to strip away the fluff and single-mindedly focus on those marketing initiatives that actually help grow their business. 
If you’re a business-to-business company whose growth has plateaued, or you feel your marketing could be doing more to directly help your business grow, or you just want to get ‘unstuck’, you should book a marketing call with us. 
Richard Miller  
Founder, Rule 8 Consulting Ltd 

You’re only a quick call away from changing the growth prospects of your business 

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